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The Liv Project is a non-profit organization determined to take the conversation about youth mental health out of the shadows. We collaborate with youth and mental health professionals to share thoughtful experiences and creative tools aimed at sparking the kind of fearless conversations that could save young lives.

You are not alone. If you don't feel there is anyone in your life right now to talk to, reach out here:

Our Tools and Programs

The time to start talking about mental health is NOW.
According to the CDC, suicide is the second leading cause of death for people ages 10-34.
Each of our programs and creative tools encourage fearless conversations in our effort to turn the tide of youth suicide.

The Game That Goes There®, is a fun conversation game for youth ages 13+. The mechanics of the game allow players to openly share their feelings and develop connection and empathy eliminating the stigma and shame associated with mental health. Learn more and grab your copy here!

A storytelling speaker series that inspires fearless conversations. Through the power of lived experience and creativity, Tess talks about Liv’s life and mental health struggles as well as her own mental health journey and story of turning her grief into purpose through her work at The Liv Project. To book a Tess Talk and learn more about pricing, contact us at

Going there with the Liv Project

Interactive workshops about the power of creativity and fearless conversations. Using The Game That Goes There® and creative prompts and activities, The Liv Project designs custom workshops tailored to specific groups and communities where participants build community art together as a means of generating meaningful connections. Learn more about booking and pricing, contact

Easy-to-remember, action-oriented tools to help guide those
in crisis and those who know of someone in crisis, giving users the option to follow two paths:

I’m Worried About Myself – L.I.V. (Listen. Identify. Vocalize.)
I’m Worried About Someone – A.L.D. (Ask. Listen. Do.)

A feature length documentary film about the love between two sisters, the aftermath of teen
suicide, and finding hope and connection. The film follows Liv’s sister Tess as she navigates her
unbearable grief while engaging in conversations with mental health experts and young adults
about the youth mental health emergency we find ourselves in, and learning how we can better
support those who are struggling.

Our Mission

The Liv Project is a non-profit organization that develops creative tools that encourage fearless conversations to turn the tide of youth suicide.

Our Vision

We envision a global shift where fear of judgement does not hold anyone back from speaking openly about their mental health. A world where we all have the skills to compassionately listen, support and safely guide those in crisis, so that youth suicide is no longer an option.

The Film

MY SISTER LIV, A Film by Alan Hicks

The Game

The Game That Goes There

The Shop

Mental wellness with style.

The Collective

Partners in Fearlessness

*IF YOU ARE IN A MENTAL HEALTH CRISIS AND NEED HELP PLEASE REACH OUT TO A PROFESSIONAL IMMEDIATELY. The Liv Project is NOT a professional organization in the mental health field. The Liv Project does NOT offer psychiatric, medical or any other professional advice. We are NOT a crisis center. Our organization was founded by individuals who have lost friends and family members to suicide. Our goal is to build a community where we share information with each other that we have gathered about mental health resources and facilities and NOT to serve as a substitute for sound, professional, medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. If you or a friend is in need of help, you should immediately seek that help and advice from qualified mental health professionals. This website is for informational purposes only. Please note that The Liv Project shall NOT be responsible for the content or services provided by any organizations, individuals or other resources referenced on our website or which you become aware of through this website, publications or other materials and information provided to you by or which you have become aware of through The Liv Project. The main goal of The Liv Project is to help people in distress get information about the professional resources that are out there so that we can together help prevent mental health crises from ending in suicide.

 The LIV Project, a Pennsylvania Domestic Nonprofit Corporation