A discussion guide.

Ask. Listen. Do.


When someone is struggling with their mental health they can feel very alone. If you’ve never had thoughts of suicide or dealt with depression and anxiety, it can be hard to imagine what they’re going through. And even more challenging to know what to do or say. But all it takes is one person being there and showing they care. 

You can be the difference for someone. 




  • When you ask, they feel seen. 
  • If you sense something is wrong, it probably is. 
  • When you’re afraid to ask, you’re saying it’s so scary, you can’t even talk about it. 
  • Push past “I’m okay” and ask, “what’s going on?” 
  • Ask, have you thought about ending your life? 
  • Ask, are you having thoughts of suicide? 
  • Be fearless to ask.
  • When you listen, they feel less alone. 
  • Listen without judgement. 
  • Don’t try to solve it, just listen. 
  • Let them know it is safe to share 
  • Be fearless to listen.
  • When you take action, you show you care. 
  • Call the suicide hotline for support 1-800-273-8255. 
  • Text Crisis Text Line for support. Text LIV 741741  
  • Stay with them. 
  • Reassure they’re not a burden. 
  • You can be that person.

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