Social Media

Active ingredients: Connection, good feels, community, humor, insults, emotional turmoil, inspiring stories, cruelty, fake news, helpful information.  

Directions for use: Use this platform to connect with friends and family; communicate, offer and gain support; build relationships; share inspiring stories; find community; plan alongside others, gain helpful information, share photos, promote work.

Recommended dosage: Maximum of one hour per day, ages 13-15. Maximum of two hours per day, 15 and up. 

Keep out of reach: 

When feeling down–can create further downward spiral.
When under the influence of alcohol–may cause excessive messaging; increase feelings of embarrassment the following day. 
During breakups–can cause severe pain.
When not included in an event–may increase feelings of rejection.
When home alone–may increase FOMO.
During dinners and get togethers–may cause lack of interaction.
During crisis or traumatic events–may worsen difficult feelings.

Possible side effects:

May cause sleep disruption and daytime drowsiness
May diminish own feelings of accomplishments
Feelings of inadequacy 
May increase feelings of exclusion
Can decrease face to face interaction
Unrealistic standards for appearance
May cause screen addiction
May increase feelings of anxiety
Possible loss of motivation
Delays in learning
May increase risk taking behaviors
Can increase incidents of bullying
Can contribute to isolating behaviors
May decrease physical activity level
Can increase depressive symptoms
May cause chest or stomach pain associated with anxiety
May compromise eye health
May create unrealistic views of self
May increase self-absorption
May cause discord in relationships for inattentiveness

Possible negative interactions

Do not mix with insecurities–can increase current and/or create new insecurities.
Do not mix with a sense of curiosity–may cause binge scrolling. 
Do not mix with feelings of depression or anxiety–may heighten negative emotions. 

When using this product: 

Keep in mind: The use of photoshop, filters, and retouching apps on others’ photos.
Posts/videos are short clips and do not truly represent real life.

Stop Use or seek support if:

Use exceeds more than two hours per day. 
Confusion occurs between reality vs. non-reality.
If you feel yourself being sucked into the illusion of perfection.
When the act of comparing self causes destructive thoughts and feelings. 

-Susan Caso MA, LPC-Mental Health Director
The Liv Project

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